Hey Gang,

I'm in a bit of a bind and need some really quick help on configuring a Cisco ASA 5500 Firewall.
I though I had everything good but I'm a bit rusty and need to get this done by the AM..UGH!

Had everything flowing but incoming email to Exchange 2010 with OWA enabled...I have to copy old SonicWall IP's and such which have a somewhat unorthodox config but simple:

Firewall IP Interface Settings are: (inside interface ethernet0/1)
ISP is 6*.*.*.17 (outside interface ethernet0/0)

I think my problems lie in Static NAT settings, ACL's, and/or Static Route Config (Packet Tracer always drops at pre-defined "Deny All Implicit Rule)

I need Web Access for inside (which I had), in/out to single server running Exchange\OWA, and Telnet access in/out pointing at Server (2008 R2 with Exchange 2010 SP 1).

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated and I don't mind slightly LAX security for now.

Thank you so much Antionliners....I know I can count on you!!!! Anyone who needs more information to help will be replied to immediately. Thanks Again!!!