@ JPnyc:

Sure that will work, but do you need to have the contact set up first. That could be a bit limiting if you get an e-mail address from a mutual aquaintance for example? I am afraid I am rather lazy and wait for an incoming mail before setting up a contact record.

Another problem with that would be like I had down the local bar last night (why is it none of you seem surprised at that?). A friend asked me for advice on some applications for his new Windows 7 box..............this being his first PC at home, and I think he uses XP at work.

I said I would look at my Win 7 machine and get him a list of what I used and the links to it. He gave me his new (top secret) e-mail addy. Now, if he had a contacts only system and didn't realise the implications, I would send him an e-mail that he wouldn't get?...............question is: would I get a failed delivery message, or would it just fall into a black hole?

Not a great issue as I suppoose we will both be in the bar again shortly, but it could be a problem with a more sporadic or casual aquaintance?

I am more inclined towards westin's suggestion of a better spam filter. One of the mail providers I use (Yahoo!) seems to have a quite efficient one.........I end up retrieving about 90% of it, because it isn't spam as such. Sure it is "unsolicited", but is from outfits that I have dealt with or their business partners.

Hey! if I have done business with someone and they don't tell me about new deals they have going, I am not a happy bunny......customer loyalty? what about supplier loyalty?. That said, it is an account I use specifically for that sort of thing.

I guess I just don't get much true spam, if any...........but I will only give a regular e-mail addy to a personal aquaintance or an outfit I would trust enough to send money to

Which takes me back to my earlier question: have you considered why you are receiving this spam?

The best we can do is, if we know anyone personally who visits or buys from a web site that spammed them, beat them senseless.
Not if the item was ladies panties..............pre-filled of course ...........I'd want the URL

Now, to move the thread on: I really don't see a solution in the short term.

Like a lot of internet problems, it stems from the fact that it is the WWW (World Wide Web) encompasses all sorts of regimes and cultures. We really only have pretty widespread agreement on a few fundamentals such as fraud and child pr0n?

JPnyc has the fundamental answer............ if nobody bought from a spam ad then there wouldn't be a point in them, and they would stop (other than for ladies panties, as previously mentioned)

Looking at spam (other people's) I note that most of it is either sex, drugs or get rich quick. Many of them are probably totally fraudulent???

Unfortunately there are some very sad and desperate people out there, and I have read that it only takes a very minute fraction of responses to make the exercise economically viable?

I do feel that ISPs are currently shirking what I would consider to be their responsibilities in this area. To hell with the RIAA and MPAA...........they should find a business model that doesn't come from the 1960's............ the ISPs should be made to take a more proactive role in real issues.

They are quick enough to "throttle" traffic when it suits them, so they can spot a spamming zombie if they wanted to, and stop it?

Anyone got other ideas or comments?