Hi folk,

Example: In the Excel, if you type "=s" in one of the cells, a list of commands with their required format opens up which is a great help in a sense that you don't need to memorize the exact format of commands.

My problem:
I'm using an engineering software. It needs me to write codes based on its specific internally designed language (so it's not a known language like c++ or ...) and the commands have definitely specific formats.
The software is not very old so it doesn't have an "interpreter" or those facilitating things that we have in Java GUIs like Netbeans.
I need to write the code in a text editor, save it as .dat and call it through the software.

My dream
For example one of the commands is "gen" and the format is:

gen id= , rad= , x= , y= , z= ,

and it basically generates a number of balls with the IDs as I specify.

Is there anyway I can make something like Excel, kind of easily, so that when I type "gen" something shows up and tells me the format?

I appreciate any opinion.