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Thread: Opinions people on Windows OS

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    Opinions people on Windows OS

    I need some opinions on what do you think would be the best or most appropriate Windows operating system for home, office, mobile and commercial use. The choices are Windows XP Home, Windows XP Pro, Windows Vista Home Premium, and Windows Vista Business. Sorry windows 7 are not an option here.

    I am thinking Windows XP Pro (my personal fav) but I thought the OS is no longer supported. Then my second option would be Vista Business (only because it is the newest one) what would be your choice and why? All help is greatly appreciated.

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    I'm thinking for the average home user, Vista Home Premium. Vista Business would not be necessary in a home environment. Home Premium It is a newer and more up to date OS, thus making it a little more secure and than any version of XP. Software and hardware support are there so the average user wouldn't have to worry about compatibility. With todays computers Vista is alot more usable than it once was. XP is just too old for home use nowadays, product support is being phased out. Vista Home Premium is perfectly capable of running in a home environment.

    Now for office use I would go with Vista Business. Newer technologies exist in Vista that make it easier to manage and work with and more secure. Again, software and hardware support are there so compatibility is not an issue. Product support is also not an issue since Vista is still supported by Microsoft.

    For mobile use I would go with any version of Windows XP. XP is a low impact OS so battery life would be better compared to Vista. For mobile computing you really dont need anything more. XP fits the bill.

    Commercial use is a bit different. Computers then become task specific. XP Professional or Vista Business would work. There are really too many factors in a commercial environment to pick an OS. It would all depend on what said computer would be used for and the software that would run on it.

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    Sorry windows 7 are not an option here.
    Why? Is it a cost thing, or was it not an option on your assignment?
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    If given the choice ... XP Pro. Home lacks the ability of Group Policies, which while you don't have to be IN a group, can have an effect on the pc as a whole (easily set the policy to never allow MS Messanger to be run, to easily set additional security logging parameters, and to easily disable LMHash, Enable Admin Login under recovery mode, and enable admin full access to drives/folders in recovery mode) ... oh and just for the simple fact that you *can* install the recovery console ... any time someone gets infected ... its funny how you can go into recovery console, and nix a few files that wouldn't otherwise be running except they get started on normal boots. But not so under Vista or 7 ... you have to have the "recovery boot disk"

    much of this can be done with boot disks, and registry hacks.. but the Group Policy Editor makes it so much easier..

    Next on the list would be Windows 7 pro ... The thing vista got wrong, and continues to have at its core, is UAC. Its such a hassle on Vista, that its likely to be turned off... under windows 7 however, its less likely to annoy you ... and shoudl someone else come up to your pc for a few minutes, if you already have UAC off, they won't know and they'd blame you for turning it off, as to the infection they got on you when they were just checking their email..

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    I guess that Windows 7 has been left out because it would make the choices too obvious, and everyone would come up with the same answers. Not really what you want when setting a college assignment?

    Let's look at EOL (end of life)?

    Windows XP =2014
    Windows Vista = 2015
    Windows 7 = 2015 (apart from "professional and business" which is 2020).

    I am afraid I missed the 60 day trial of Windows 7 Business, but AFAIK it is Professional under a group licensing scheme? anyone know different?

    Right CN22, to your question.


    XP HOME..................Y.....................Y..................Y.................N

    XP PRO....................Y.....................Y..................Y.................Y

    VISTA HOME P..........Y.....................Y..................Y.................N[3]

    VISTA BUSINESS.......N[5].................Y..................Y.................Y[4]


    1. It is assumed that this is a fully fledged laptop, rather than a Tablet PC or Netbook. These would normally use XP Tablet PC or Vista Home Basic, with the Vista choice being dictated by the fact that they won't support Aero visuals.

    2. "Home" usage depends on what the requirements are. Windows XP has a "Home Entertainment Center" version that might be preferable. It is basically XP Pro with audio, video & graphics enhancements "out of the box". This is standardly available in Vista Home Premium, but not in Vista Business. I guess that gives Vista HP the edge in the home scenario?

    3. It is assumed that "Commercial" means deployment across an enterprise. This suggests that bulk licensing is a requirement, as well as support for advanced network management, workgroups, group policies et cetera. Vista Business meets most of this but the "true" version would be Vista Enterprise. I think you might be able to get a bulk licence for Vista Business in some markets at least?

    4. It would work insofar as desktop functionality is required, but may not available under bulk licensing in most developed markets (OECD Countries). You would really want Vista Enterprise for this, so the Business edition would be the next best, given the available choices.

    5. This would work but the software is for a commercial environment and does not have the Mediacentre and HDTV support that Home Premium does. You might see this where home connectivity to a work environment is a requirement.

    Basically all the OSes would "work" in all the deployments, only some are more suitable than others.

    If I look at my customer base, I support the following:

    Windows 2000 Pro
    XP Home
    XP Pro
    XP Home Entertainment Centre (not an option)
    Vista Home Premium
    Vista Ultimate (not an option)
    Windows 7 Home Premium (not an option)
    Windows 7 Ultimate (not an option)

    I would say that XP Pro is the most common, followed by Vista Home Premium and then Windows 2000 (times is 'ard lad, times is 'ard )

    Obviously, most of the stuff I deal with is shop bought OEM kit rather than self-built, so there is an element of what the retailers think that they can sell?

    So, my choices would be:

    COMMERCIAL: Vista Business, unless you run XP Pro business programs, in which case you have to use XP Pro.
    MOBILE: Vista; depending on environment, either Business (for a work computer) or Home Premium for a private computer (particularly if you want entertainment features), unless you run XP Pro business programs, in which case you have to use XP Pro, and might even be limited to XP Home on old and weaker hardware.
    OFFICE: (SOHO) Vista Business, although Home Premium does work, depending on your requirements. If you run XP business programs then you have to use XP, as "XP Mode" is only available in Windows 7
    HOME: Vista Home Premium, followed by XP Pro. or Home on older and weaker hardware platforms.

    From that, I think you can see that there is no absolute correct answer.

    As chaosclown has intimated, you need to consider the hardware platform.

    This machine is my Vista Home Premium device and was mostly made from components dating back to the early 2000's

    AMD Athlon XP3000+ [Single Core 2166MHz]
    Gigabyte GA-7VAXP Ultra K7 Triton 400
    ATI Radeon 2400PRO [256MB DDR2]
    160MB & 320MB 7200rpm EIDE HDDs
    52x32x52 CDRW
    22x DVDRW
    2.5GB PC2700 [DDR1-333] RAM

    It has a Vista score of 3.6 (ex 6?) based on the processor

    It will run full Aero on a Samsung 23" HD Widescreen monitor up to its native refresh rate of 1920 x 1080.

    It passes the test for Windows7, as does an older XP Pro box with an XP2400Pro [2.01GHz] processor and Radeon 9700Pro [128MB] video card.

    For older equipment, especially laptops I would go for XP. They won't do Aero and their batteries are probably not that powerful, or have gotten old.

    With todays computers Vista is alot more usable than it once was. XP is just too old for home use nowadays, product support is being phased out. Vista Home Premium is perfectly capable of running in a home environment.
    The basic problem with Vista was M$ stupidity and arrogance and the d1p$hits at Intel. The 915 chipset and Intel greed have a lot to answer for. I wouldn't buy an Intel product these days on moral grounds. And M$ are as much to blame for their own greed and arrogance................"Vista Capable"??? having a bloody laugh aren't you.............particularly with a 915 crapset. I am glad that Vista was a massive FAIL.............they deserved it

    The thing vista got wrong, and continues to have at its core, is UAC. Its such a hassle on Vista, that its likely to be turned off...
    I don't even notice it....................but my XP and Windows2000 boxes have had similar third party software for years. It is not "annoying" it is "security". I don't mind other people turning it off and going clicky clicky.............I charge them for sorting out the me$$$$$$$$$$


    I forgot to look at RAM and 32 v. 64 bit systems:

    AFAIK XP home will only do 32Bit single processor, whilst the others will do 64Bit and 2 (physical) CPUs.

    64Bit Vista Business will support 128GB, whilst Home Premium is limited to 16GB.
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