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Thread: John the ripper charset

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    John the ripper charset

    Hey all, I have a question about John the Ripper.
    I know that a password that is 7 characters long and used only 4 keys. I know what the three keys are, but I don't know how to make a custom charset. I have edited the john.conf file to have the following:
    File = custom.chr
    MinLen = 7
    MaxLen = 7
    CharCount = 3
    Now i just don't know how to make the custom.chr so that it only contains the 4 keys 'asdf'
    Any ideas?
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    I am confused

    If you have 4 characters, why have you set "CharCount = 3" ?

    Also, don't you need to declare a, s, d, f as your character variables?

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    Yes, sorry nihil that was a typo. I have CharCount=4.
    And i guess my question is HOW do i declare my variables as a,s,d,f? From what I can gather the character sets are locked up in the .chr files, but they aren't ascii so I can't just make one.
    There is the -make-charset flag, but i must not be using it properly because it expects a file.

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