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    Come to say my farewell

    Yup, I am no longer the administrator of these or any internet.com forums. Layoffs came down the pike this morning and I was one of them. So I want to thank everybody for all the help you gave to me personally over the last six years and change. Never could've gotten by without it. Also wishing everyone the best, and I plan to keep in touch-Joe

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    wtf Joe, Those ungrateful turds after everything you've put into this place @ the other forums. They go and do this...

    Will keep in touch mate.

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    Please do, Kris. You have my personal e-mail? I thought you did

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    Hey Joe,

    Tried to send a quick PM, but it seems your over your stored PM quota.

    anyhow i take it that you would no longer have access to that @internet.com e-mail account?

    Send me a PM or if you still have my details send me an e-mail.
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    I cleared out my PM box but it says you've chosen to not receive P M's.

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    Hell's teeth!......can't even throw a sickie for a few days and something like this happens!!!

    Best of luck with your next venture and please stay in touch.

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    See you later alligator

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    :'( but you just can't leave!

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