I made a mistake. I focused/studied so much on getting computer 'Certifications; certified; etc... that I have to do six assignments in College English with a Final Paper that has to be a 11 pages in length. All based on 'Diversity in the Workplace,' I never had an issue with 'diversity' in the workplace that is the problem.... 1.)Gathering Resources (25 pts.) (meaning from the net, library, newspaper etc..) 2.)Annotated Bibliography (55 pts.) 3.)Week 05 REP - Outline (55 pts.) 4.)Week 06 expanding your sentences 5.)Week Week 07 REP - Introduction and Conclusion 6.)Week 08 Rough Draft For example, Your rough draft should be between 5-6 pages and contain all the necessary elements ...outlined on the Week 01 Research Essay Project (REP) - Introduction page. ------------------------------- I only need 15% more on my grade to pass this class. Anyone have any pointers, tips on writing a paper on Diversity in APA format. All help is greatly appreciated.