I was just curious if you did and how much. Besides, I was only kidding. I was just curious what would people charge for something like that.
Good, I'm glad to hear you were only kidding.. in that case I charge around $4k USD per paper and don't guarantee a passing grade. So I'm probably not the best deal

Problem is my English composition 2 it's complicated, so it is not my strong suit.
All the more reason to work on it, you don't have to make it you passion, but fight through it till you at least feel it isn't a weak point.

You think it makes a difference where you get your associates degree from? For example, my state college here they charge $90.00 a credit. where the school I am going to now is *private* and they charge 410.00 a credit

associates degree is a associates degree in the end. The benefit is suppose to be smaller classes for more one-on-one training and more hands on and more of the newest technology.
That depends a lot on what you plan on doing with the degree. If you are planning on transferring it to another college afterward, to get a Bachelors degree, then you'll want to make sure that where ever you get your Associate's degree from is an accredited institution so that you know it will transfer. There are a lot of tech/trade schools around who offer Associates degree that don't really transfer anywhere else.

I actually ended up getting my Associates degree from our community college, then transfered that to a 4 year university(the community college's price per credit hour are much cheaper that a University), the community college had a list of the classes they offered and what classes their equivalents at the 4 year university would be for the Bachelors degree I wanted, so that I wouldn't have to retake classes after transferring the Associates degree (which will usually exempt you from degree generals). But if you don't ever plan on transferring, it probably doesn't matter where you get your degree from.

In my experience employers care more about your work experience than where you got your degree, and if you have enough work experience often times they don't even care if you have a degree or not (Assuming you're going to management in which case an MBA is highly favorable).