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    Automatic network lisence scanner!

    I'm using a software with network license. We are in a building and I'm sure there are so many other people in other floors using the same software through the same license. The problem is that licenses are not assigned to especial IPs which means that I need to go through a competition process to be able to use it! I need to keep trying and trying until someone stops using their software and a license gets free then I can use it....

    I need to put the IP address of the server which is 129.128.**.** into the software for it to work.

    My question is that is there anyway I can make something to like try scanning the network for a free license automatically for as long as it takes? like a script or a piece of code or something? Please take a look at the attachment. It gives you an idea of how I'm doing it....

    My more important question is that can I force someone out of the network?

    And another question is that how can I know which IPs are using this software?
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