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    CA r12

    Anybody using this "dog"? We rolled it out at the end of February and have had n-o-t-h-i-n-g but grief. Perhaps "rollout" is not the best way to describe it as I am having to touch most of the machines that have got it installed.

    The licenses, how do I describe this?, jump in and out. One week a client machine will have a valid license until 2014, then one day it has an invalid license. On many installs, the client app won't phone home to the console server, so I've got to go out and touch those. Some clients will update the defs, some won't. Again, they need to be touched.

    We run a lot of macros here on the CAD boxes, and while CA v.8.1 posed no problems after exempting the network drives from local scans, we've had no such luck with r12. Despite exempting both share scans as well as macros (gads!), macros that took seconds to run now take up to 3 minutes.

    We get a lot of update errors (ccupdate), particularly on the servers, and I was told by tech support that someone had to be logged on administratively for an update. Uh, am I missing something? Do AV apps normally require an administrative login in order to update?

    Googling the issue, I'm finding Computer Associates is even censoring posts about CA r12 on their forums. Just curious as to anyone else's experiences here. Thanks...
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