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    Onboard LAN Adapter not seen by Device Manager after upgrading BIOS

    Dear Experts

    I have MotherBoard ASUS P5GC-MX/1333 in the link below :


    Every thing was working fine (XP Prof SP3) till my mate upgraded the BOIS after that Onboard LAN Adapter got missing from the Device Manager and the LAN icon got missing from my "Network Place".

    I did a fresh installation of windows still the same problem is going on, then I realized the problem with BIOS.

    I have checked BIOS and I enabled every thing that I would have thought is related to onboard LAN but still no joy.

    What should I do to rectify the problem

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    Hi zillah,

    Every thing was working fine (XP Prof SP3) till my mate upgraded the BIOS
    Why did he do that? You normally don't flash the BIOS unless you have a problem, or the newer version supports something that the old one doesn't, and you want to use it.

    Many BIOS updates are simply to support manufacturer's changes in the build, and do absolutely nothing for older versions. The same frequently goes for device drivers

    OK what to do?

    1. Download a new copy of the BIOS AND the previous version, if available.
    2. Flash the BIOS with the latest version............make sure that it finishes without any error messages.
    3. Look for your network adapter.
    4. If you still can't see it, then flash with the previous BIOS version.

    I assume that you have physically tried connecting to your LAN? if not, please do so, and try more than one CAT5/RJ45 cable. I have never paid this much attention but it did have a machine that would show a "LAN disconnected" icon in the system tray when the thing was quite happily connected using WiFi.

    I am pretty sure that icon wasn't there until I connected it via the RJ45 port, then changed over to wireless. I would try that first, as it only takes a few minutes.

    Please let us know how you get on.


    Is device manager showing any "unknown devices" ?
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    Have you tried grabbing the Lan driver from the manufactor's website?

    also try setting your BIOS to "Optimal Settings"

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    Thanks guys

    I will try your suggestions

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    also try disable and then enable on connection icon (use show connections on control panel)
    i would sugesut returning to your old bios since everything was working fine on it
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    Yep! There are a ton of things you can do...http://majorgeeks.com/WinSock_XP_Fix_d4372.html is a great tool.

    SOMETIMES you need to set them to a manual speed aka 100/full duplex

    Sometimes you need to manually fix your LSP's

    Sometimes they just go bad!

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    Quote Originally Posted by zillah View Post
    Thanks guys

    I will try your suggestions
    Very Curious to know if the issue was solved? And if it was, just how many swings of the hammer did it take?

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    If you're running a 32Bit XP,

    ASUSTeK Computer Inc. -Support- Drivers and Download P5GC-MX/1333

    XP OS, LAN drivers, number 2 should be what you need to download then install.

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