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    Not Suitable For Work

    Somebody texted me this gem:

    "For years I searched for a personalised number (license) plate. I finally found a solution that achieves exactly the same results:

    I glued a rubber duckie to my forehead"

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    Although i do exactly call most people around my neck of the woods a similar thing.

    Some of the custome no: plates do give a "wtf"

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    I remember years ago a guy bought a plate for the Aston Martin DB5, it cost 5,000

    PEN 1S

    I also remember doing the audit of British Oxygen, our largest liquid & bottled gas supplier. They had something like OXY 1 to OXY 7 ...........not for the directors as you might imagine? ....... these were on bloody great bulk gas delivery tankers!!!, so it was the truck driver who had the personalised plates.

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    Somewhere on the net I seen a plate that said:

    3M TA3

    I am sure the individual that looked in the rear view mirror figured it out.
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    I was looking for a few for my motorbike

    went looking for
    A55 OLE
    K155 DIS
    strangely, not available anywhere
    55 - I'm fiftyfeckinfive and STILL no wiser,
    OLDER yes
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