Hey guys, I've been having a problem for a while, but usually I don't think to ask for help with an issue unless it actually becomes either really annoying or is something I just can't get around. In this case it's really mostly a matter of being too lazy to look for a fix because its not really that big of an issue. Anyways, I'm rambling before I even start on topic
My issue is with a laptop with a dual boot of Windows 7 and Ubuntu. Every time I boot into Ubuntu, then reboot into windows, the resolution is that default low resolution in which you can't really do anything productive. It's almost like linux changed settings in some rom on the video card or mobo or something because its not like linux is writing to anywhere on the ntfs partition afaik. When this happens I usually just reboot, because when I log in it doesn't recognize any higher resolutions as options. I think the mouse pad may not work as well in this situation, but I can't remember, as I usually just reboot. Its a pretty strange problem, but not really much more than an annoyance, as I usually have been sticking to windows 7 on my laptop because of most engineering software and whatnot.