Hello Everyone.

I've just launched a new game which I think some of you might be interested in, especially those into Artificial Intelligence and programming in general.
It's a free game\program where you program and customize your own automated Battle Bot and pit it against other people's Bot in a fight to the death.


- Program your Bot in any language you feel comfortable with
- Develop complex tactics and a large variety of fighting styles
- Flash-based Desktop and Browser versions
- Full 3D with the ability to customize the look of the Bot
- Save and watch replays of any match
- Unlimited number of Bots in a match
- Participate in the Official Logic Warz Competition, or start your own
- Completely, 100%, FREE

If any of this sounds interesting, check out the website, you'll be able to get a taste of a match in the built-in replay player even before you decide to download.