Hi first id like to say sorry if this the wrong place to post this question its my first nite using this site
I need help with brutus AET 2 im not going to give any lame excuse that i forgot my password or anything else i just want to learn to hack not for malicious resons im just intrigued by it, I'v download afew different one from different sources but keep running into the same probloms it either just sayes one of the firist passwords is the rite one or sayes it stopped because of to many errors, I'v been reading different tuts and videos and doen exactly wot they say, I'm running windows 7 ultimate 32bit im trying to use https from with wordlist but would like advice on the other settings to please
Also was just wondering what kind of form is it when you dont need a username just the password to log in its my router(box) on the roof that i recive my enternet through its a motorla CPE box
Thank you in advance for any help and advice and again sorry if this the wrong place for the post