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Wasn't the Amiga 1000 the machine that had that amazing GUI? It looked like a mix of Mac OS and IRIX and I always kind of liked that look of it.
Yep, it could render 4096 colors out of the full 16.7 million pallet at a time when PCs only had 16 colors. It also had (or rather has) a 32 bit pre-emptive multitasking OS when Windows was still stuck with a mix of 8, 16 and 32 bit code and cooperative multitasking.

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Well, the thing about FreeBSD is that some Linux programs RUN FASTER in FreeBSD. Which makes no sense of course since, well, they're being Emulated.
Well, it's not exactly emulated. What it does is 'convert' a Linux Kernel ABI call to the respective FreeBSD Kernel ABI call. So it's actually a full-on ABI implementation, not an emulation.

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