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Thread: Yahoo Password Problem

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    Yahoo Password Problem


    I misplaced my password for my Yahoo email account. Can somebody provide a step-by-step process of recovering a Yahoo account password? I did log on to the account before and said to “remember me,” but I deleted my cookies and therefore Yahoo cannot “remember me.” I also did not provide Yahoo with a backup email or recovery questions so that I can recover the password.

    Should I use a Brute Force program? Which one should I use?

    Thank you.

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    Hi, and welcome to AO.

    All you can do is find/remember your password, or open a new account.

    This time keep it in a safe place (back of your family Bible perhaps, or a cookery book?.......things that are not likely to be stolen or examined )

    Use the password recovery, but don't answer the questions honestly, then nobody can second guess you.

    Forget about brute get locked out for 15-30 minutes after very few tries. It would take years and you would have drawn attention to your activities long before................

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    It's just an email account. Who gives a ****...

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    go to the account setings then u can have the password change option.

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    And how can you do that when you don't have a password to access the account?

    Notice that I have changed your heed and read this:

    Acceptable Use Policy?

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    I'm fascinated that someone would want to use a brute forcer to retrieve a password rather than one of the many other options provided by yahoo. When you sign up for an email account you answer security questions and specify a secondary email address.

    More likely you're trying to get into someone else's email? In that case, look up the Sarah Palin email hack. You'll get more mileage with that method. Nihil was kind enough to explain why a brute forcer would not apply in this situation.

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