Okay, I haven't even started programming. But if I start programming, it's been a while so my mind is mush!!! Thus, the title of this thread. I've taken some programming classes a long time ago. For instance, Fortran (yeah, that long ago), Pascal, Basic and Java.

This is my goal --> to be able to develop an app for iPhone, iPad, possibly Android as well.

This is my problem --> I don't have any idea where to start!!!

Questions going through my mind are as follows:

1. What do programming language is used for the iPhone and iPad apps?
If more than one language is used, which seems logical, then which one should I use to get great performance and practicality out of it. (I guess the practicality would be in how well I program it. Oh well, there goes the neighborhood!!!)

So, please help me in giving me good direction. I've heard of Xcode, but I don't understand it. However, in Xcode's defense, I haven't read about it at all.

2. Does Xcode use C, C++, Java or what? Which is the easiest to learn?

3. Are all programming languages object-based now? (Please tell me no! I'm not sure I get all that.)

Any help you may provide would be appreciated!!!