How long does it take for the police to get a supenoa from a judge? So centurylink can hand over the logfiles to the police? Reason I ask, my girlfriend's work was broken into and they stole a very expensive touchscreen computer. Good news they have logme in software on the stolen system. Also, we have there IP address which traces back to Centurylink which is are local provider here in Fort Myers.

It has already been six days now. And still waiting. Also, do you guys have any ideas how we can see who it is, for example surfing habits, facebook, myspace, sites visited etc,,. (there is no webcam) when we try logmein it will popup on the remote system and we do not want to alert them and let them know we are on to them.

Any ideas how to show proof who did this? Can we copy any system files/folders/etc... anything to see who stole our system? If so, please let me know. The system is already registered at and I called the manufacture (Sony) and let them know in case they try switching information. All help is greatly appreciated. They broke into the business and stole this stuff. Such low lives.