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Thread: Vista Repair install - Media mismatch!

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    Question Vista Repair install - Media mismatch!

    So i'm in a position where a repair install of Vista is my only option next to doing a clean install of windows 7. I've tried the in place upgrade to windows 7 professional from windows vista business (says on the box that should work), but always get the 'not enough space' error, even though we have 32gb free (web says 16gb needed for upgrade, I have that + the size of my current windows directory free).

    I would like to try a vista repair install, however, installation media is SP1 and current system has SP2. So it seems you can't just slipstream SP2 without a huge involved process of installing vista, installing sp2, sysprep, imaging it again, blah blah blah, too much time there.

    I found that you can download a vista dvd with SP2 from Microsoft (MSDN/Technet), however, I think that those are 'volume license' copies, and the current installation is OEM (Dell).

    So: What are my options here? Can I use the copy from Microsoft and somehow get it to be OEM for activation (install the cert and oem key or something)? Is there actually an easier way to slipstream SP2 onto my SP1 install dvd...? Any advice on getting the upgrade to windows 7 to work (not enough free space error)? I know upgrading isn't preferred, but I'm in a spot here, and need the system to just work for now.

    Any advice is appreciated!
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