My laptop does not boot
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Thread: My laptop does not boot

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    In case what I talked about in above message does not work....

    Hermanelectronics does have the recovery DVDs and it ships them to me. The fee without shipment is 52.7$.

    I also found the following link:
    for 30$. In your opinion is this link trustworthy? Please let me know what you think.

    PS. Update: I guess I'm managing to get the Ultimate version

    PS2: So I don't know what happened! I tried to install drivers for the DELL windows but didn't work. I found an Ultimate Vista and it accepted the product code and asked me where I wanted to install the windows. So I figured it will make another folder in the C drive so first selected to format the C drive. After that I noticed it does not allow me to install the windows in any partition. I don't remember the message but it was like "the driver format is mwm? the windows can only be installed in ... drives?" or something? I don't know. So desperately I restarted the computer and pushed the F10 button. So went through the recovery process and this time selected the "restore C drive to its factory setting" and it did the job and now the lappy is just fine
    I don't know the answer to my last question about who this "recovery page" belongs to but I guess it belonged to the original Vista because all I did after not being able to run the windows from the Ultimate disk was to follow instructions and now I have a "Business" Vista not "Home Premium" which was the version of Dell thing...

    Anyways thanks Nihil and Hybrid again....BTW the first thing now I managed to do was to make 2 DL recovery DVDs (if it wasn't DL it'd need 3 DVDs like what you said Nihil) you guys saved me about 50 bucks..let's go out and have a pizza
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