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Thread: Worn.win32.netbooster2

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    In my system a window opeing with a virus alert ? And the Icons on desktop have selected with blue ? In the window have "Worn.win32.netbooster2".
    And alwas interfere some windows with warning of virus alerts.Pls how to rectify above problems.

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    Hi, and welcome to AO.

    What you have is a variant of Sitfraud and related malware. What it does is infect you with what is known in the trade as "scareware".

    These are fake security applications that report non-existed malware, and try to trick you into paying for their removal. The actual malware is the application that is sending you these messages.

    Use your search engine (Google) to find these (free) products:

    1. Smitfraudfix
    2. Malwarebytes
    3. Super Antispyware

    Make sure that you read the instructions carefully and that you get the right version for your Windows product, in the case of Smitfraudfix.

    With #2 and #3 update them and reboot into SAFE MODE before running them. Let them quarantine whatever they find.

    Finally, update your AV product and run it in normal mode. Alternatively you can use an online scanner.

    Good luck!


    This malware might not be all you have, so let the antimalwares deal with anything that they find.

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    You must be running some Smitfraud application on your computer which must have installed some nasty virus on your computer reported as "Worn.win32.netbooster2". Remove that application and then run your antivirus software.

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