Well one of the things you people have to understand is that the world isn't run by jews or the illuminati... instead its exclusively run by stupid people.
You forgot "cunning bastards" and freemasons.

In a non-democratic society you have to be cunning to get to the top and stay alive.

In a Democracy it is the majority (stupid people) who elect the leaders..........and guess what happens?

So the next time you hear a theory don't think in the scope of anything elaborate at all. Think more along the lines of "this is a stupid idea".
That doesn't always follow..........some ideas are flawed because they are over-complex. Hence the saying: "KISS".

Like planting a bug up a cat's anus and having it wander in a busy road.
Haven't heard of that one, but it sounds like something out of Langley?

Or calling a poison ink pen a secret weapon against Castro... then realising it wasn't mightier than the machine gun.
"The pen may not be mightier than the sword; but it's a damn sight easier to write with"