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    I do not think anyone who knows even an iota of info sec is impressed, but I find it interesting because of the impudence of the attacks.

    Those who take seriously the risks attached to different objectives "for the lulz '? Bunch of script kiddies? Maybe. Certainly seem to lack the talent (remember they are bombing, instead of a knife).

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    Quote Originally Posted by HYBR|D View Post
    Allen update your Slackware Linux link in your Signature, it's not pointing to the correct website atm.
    Done. I used to always use the .org link, and I guess it doesn't work anymore. I just changed it to the .com one.

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    @ donaldsmith:

    Better attempt there, you were pretty much on subject, albeit several posts behind

    Sharpen up your English huh?

    "bombing" = "carpet bombing" (Vietnam) or "blanket bombing" (WWII)

    "knife" = "scalpel"

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