How many times have you heard of someone ODing on Aspirin? Rare isn't it?
It doesn't happen, as it would have to be deliberate rather than accidental, and would take a lot of patience (and money). I believe that the substance you really mean is Paracetamol?

If Heroin did, not only would you know it was pure, meaning safer, you'd probably never hear of an OD again.
Well, sort of.

The most common cause of heroin related deaths is actually impurities in the substance. next is the rarer event where the addict gets a much purer form (less cutting) and takes a higher effective dose by accident. I guess that the same problem exists with all "street drugs"?

With "ethical pharmaceuticals" you know that the product has met stringent purity (biological as well as chemical) requirements, and is in a measured dose or strength.

As for the original post.............why was I put in mind of spotty faced kids with no lives, living in their aunties' basements................ I thought that kind of mentality had died out in the '90s.................... apparently not?


The only people who even have bank accounts are... guess who? That small portion of the population that actually has work and enought money to waste on a banking system that takes 3% out of your withdrawls.
How do you guys get welfare payments then? Personal banking is free in the UK unless you borrow money or want special services like bank drafts.

Also, a "small portion" has to be less than 50%............. so unemployment in the US is running at more than 50%?

Though after reading spec's post, I am wondering if there wasn't alcohol involved.
Or there was a full moon in Georgia