The Taliban are anti drug *****s,
No, they are not, they have actually no policies as we would understand them, which makes them typical anarchists. They also have no religion, other than that of convenience to control and infiltrate the local masses. They do, however, have quite a good understanding of the concept of power, which you need as an anachist, or you wouldn't know what it is you are trying to destroy.

They make their money out of the drugs trade.....they run it, and are well happy at their **** going to destabilise US society. They actually promote drug abuse, so long as it doesn't involve their own. This make sense, as junkies are unreliable, and security kill them on sight.....just like capitalist drug cartels do.

Drugs are a weapon against Western decadent societies in their thinking; as well as a way to finance their activities. Bin Laden was their only millionaire supporter, and he basically bought their protection.

Taliban were burning the Opium fields.
If they were doing that the US government would be funding them and supplying them with helicopters, and they would have handed Bin Laden over years ago. You fund nasty little South American dictatorships as a part of your "drugs war"?????????????? go figure. If the Taliban ever took action, it would usually be to kill the farmers..."pour encourager les autres"........... the crop is worth money.

It saddens me to see that there are still people naiive enough to actually believe the propaganda shite puked out by Langley

which explains the willingness to kill themselves.
You obviously know nobody in the military with first hand experience. They are not willing to kill themselves, which is why they are so bloody difficult to eradicate. The Taliban are not Al Quaeda, and they don't do suicide bombing, because they are neither stupid nor fanatical enough. These are more like the guys who whupped your ass in Vietnam and need to be handled accordingly. Guerilla warfare and urban terrorism are not the same thing