Nihil; They get Diamonds in Africa. I just assumed it was common knowledge. Amazing how badly these people in Africa are treated and screwed even today, with so many Diamonds coming straight from two regions there. They had a special on it on the History Channel, and how a lot of the groups against us will go there and look for Diamonds so they can fund things.
Nope, the "Taliban", although I treat that term with as much respect as I do "Hacker" when I encounter it in the gutter media, are the last vestiges of a feudal, clan type society of minor warlords. They don't leave Afghanistan......that's Al Quaeda.....................who are probably responsible for the roadside bombs as well. The Taliban (local bandits) will toss a mortar or an RPG, but that's about as far as it goes.

Opium dealers pay the Taliban protection money...........or they get killed and maybe their crops burned.........although I am firmly convinced that most of that is CIA instigated.

They care as much about the morality of drugs as the North Africans do about alcohol, as far as Islam is concerned. A lot of wine is produced in those former French colonies....... "make it but don't use it" ???????

The Taliban are not against anything apart from each other and foreign interference.

It is the parasitical mullahs and Al Quaeda that your misinforming media are getting confused by.

At the height of the Victorian British Empire, we fought 3 wars against the little buggers and didn't win we ended up by buying them off, just like rulers before us and the drug traffickers of today

Forget the Islamic crap you read...........they are anarchists and don't like centralised government or control...............and what do all major religions, including Islam represent............. go figure.