Hi All,
Just got a call from friend and went to look his pc.
Message was to activate Malware protection , pc on the start goes into scanning with this malvare program and shows infections of w32.wormblast and on the end says you have to activate Malvare protection and submit email address and password.
I could not start anything:windows task manager, command prompt etc. all was disabled including his antivirus program.
I went home and downloaded the tool to remove it from Symantec.
I disconnected modem.
Started pc in safe mode and managed to start the removal file from cd.
Pc turned off after probably 8 minutes.Could not log any more in the safe mode.If i log normally windows would start but off course you couldn't use it.
Any suggestions.Sorry if you need more info i might look into it with more details tomorrow.Let me know what info you need.
I tried to run the file from cd in safe mode but that switched of the pc too.