Actually I made one post when I first joined AO and didn't come back until a couple of months ago when management first asked Steve and I if we had ever heard of AO.

About me:
I retired in 1998 as an international mainframe networking consultant covering the area from Hawaii to western Europe. My clients were large banks, government agencies and large business that kept me on retainer. (PW was one of my clients.) I also wrote networking courses and taught them regularly. I traveled by air at least 4 days per week throughout my career. I've held every position in IT from a head down assembly coder at a college (1968) to a corporate director of a very large online banking services firm with more than 110 banks online in 3 time zones (1985). Most of my life I was self employed. I have degrees in Finance and Economics.

For relaxation I travel with my wife of 49 years visiting World Heritage sites. We spent much of May in Asia Minor, Greece, Albania, Croatia and Italy. All of the World Heritage sites sites are on our bucket list.

Is that enough of an introduction to suit you? I don't usually post this much personal information.