Googled an old email address this morning and stumbled upon my banned Antionline account from when I was 15. I'd just started coding then. Fascinated by the world of hackers, I tried every trick in the book to make myself look "kewl" over here. I even wrote a tutorial called C++ torn apart, probably a day or two after writing my first C++ program. Here's a little gem from that tutorial:

C++ is basically the C# Programming language + some very powerful features + object oriented approach.

Reading through those old posts from the 15-year-old me made me smile. I decided to come back to Antionline to apologise for plagiarising (here, here, and kind of over here), for being unthankful, and for being a bit of a nob in general.

The helpful feedback that I received on a piece of code that I did actually write makes me wish I'd behaved better and remained on this excellent forum.

Well, I'm pleased to say that both my coding skills and my manners have improved over the years. I'll try to finish that C++ tutorial now