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    Social Networking & AO ?


    I am curious to know about the current plans regarding Social Networking groups ie ( Facebook @ google+ )

    I know there is an official AntiOnline facebook page, but i'm more curious as to when we will get an official Google+ page?

    Also why are there no active content being published to these social groups? The owners (Quinst) made it clear when they aquired all that stuff from Jupitermedia that they were going to push forward and put big effort into marketing AntiOnline on all possible mediums. + do a heap of general site updating. So far we have seen 0 positive things from the new owner, and all previous suggestions have been flat out ignored.

    also can we be lucky to have facebook connect enabled?

    the current version of vbulletin in the 3.*.* series has the FB connect pre-inbuilt in the update package, so maybe it would be an incentive to upgrade the vbulletin software so we can utilise some of these new features.

    also the owners may want to update the frontpage cms, (VbAdvanced) as the currently installed version is very outdated and has more security holes then a piece of swiss cheese.

    the owners obviously have an owned vbulletin license, so the update package will not cost, neither would the updated version of VB-Advance, so there really isn't any cons, only Pro's as the site would be slightly more secure

    and we the memberbase would get new site functions to playwith.

    that is all.
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