I haven't ever done Speed. Unless you count Caffeine as Speed of course... But my sleep issues aren't from Caffeine; They're from the fact that I have TWO slipped Discs in my spine, and the area they're in, is where the Nerve Endings are in my Spine. So basically, every step I take, I have two Discs in my spine rubbing up against Nerve Endings, and if I lay down to try and sleep, if I lay on my back, it's excruciating, and if I lay on my side, it swells up and I can't Breathe, and if I lay on my tummy, well, it swells up AND it's painful.

So yea, laying down and sleeping, are really hard. To give you an idea of how bad it is, have any of you ever heard of Hydromorphone? It's called Dilaudid in most places.

It's about 8 times stronger than Morphine, and 1 MG of Dilaudid is the Equivalent of 7 MGs of Heroin. So yea it's pretty strong.

I don't get light headed or even Dizzy from taking it, and I'm on TWELVE MGs A DAY. 12; and most people would probably pass out from ONE MG.

So 12 MGs of Dilaudid a day, and then about 1 MG of Alprazolam / Xanax on top of that (The Xanax is used for multiple reasons; I have Social Anxiety Disorder, which means I need it not to panic around too many people..... And also, Xanax intensifies Narcotic Pain Killers.

Xanax makes Opioid and Opiate Pain Killers work a lot better. With ALL that in me, not only am I still not tired, I still can barely move most of the time.

So,to clarify, I don't do speed, and I'm not awake all the time because of drugs. I'm awake all the time because of a lack of enough of them. My Back is screwed up bad.