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    Apr 2011
    Fixed.... Last submission was sent the same day a server crashed and it got back burnered.... Reminder mail had much better luck today...

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    So basically the server admin was playing solitaire while streaming 1080dpi pr0n while updating he's employer statues on Facebook & Google+ when the server bottlenecked. Giving a blue screen of death.

    Thus resulting in a small fire in the ussr lunar spacestation. Prompting the AO server farting and making me Moderator again..

    Freakin awesome, hopefully next time it happens GaaayPeee will get un-banned that way i can insult him further then re-bann him strictly for teh lulz

    I think i shouldn't have smoked teh extra "fatty"

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    Oct 2002
    OK, see, **** like that is EXACTLY why I voted you in the first time around lol!

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    United Kingdom: Bridlington
    Hey I don't know who deals your fatties but this guy certainly seems to have a top notch supplier:

    Long hair stick parts: 13.5CM handle length: 17CM Effect of fabulous straight hair
    1, negative ions can effectively lock the hair color, more nourishing hair.

    2, imported aluminum alloy panel, loss prevention, not damage one's hair long hot, warm on the fast, even heat. Motherboard circuit precision workmanship and long service life.

    3, ultra-high temperature, ultra-wearable PC insulated shell, feel super good, with a more comfortable and safer.***** Core within a certain arc, and adapt to more close to the hair!

    4, the hot plasma is no longer a hair salon patent. Very easy to use! The biggest advantage / effect: MM short hair can make hair slightly out curly, long hair can make hair more straight MM!

    Arrow Ace ion curlers through the national CCC certification patented product, is best quality, and most consumers curlers. Depending on the product itself the length of curlers set up its design from its weaknesses. Easy to use double-insulated safety and reliability, long life, elegant design. The professional salon industry and home appliances, Ms. Hair necessary.

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