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    Zambian politician's Hotmail hacked

    This gave me a laugh for the day.

    Current and possible future member of parliament(elections due in next 3 months) says his Hotmail email account was hacked after a online news site exposed one email from party spokesperson to party secretary general.

    The juicy(but illiterate) email has some nice talk about being financed from afghanistan and conscription into the army to support world hotspots were allied forces are leaving.

    How the party plans to bulldoze shanty compounds like Mugabe done in the past years for money given by Taiwanese and Afghansitan party sponsors to the tune of $45US million.


    Updated story.

    Didn't we have a recent post here at A.O of "How can i hack my girlfriends Hotmail?"

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    Why in god's name do these chaps insist on using free e-mail accounts? I would of thought he would have an official e-mail??

    I guess he's another Sarah Palin type victim, those secret Question / Answers are just plain to easy to guess.

    It appears that he has now reported the matter to the authority's and it's under investigation. http://www.zambianwatchdog.com/?p=15420 <Whoops didn't realise OP had already posted that url

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    I am not sure that this is as clear cut as it sounds.

    The source seems highly questionable for a start, as it seems to be some sort of wannabee whistleblowers' blogspot?

    It has not been established whether:

    1. The politician actually has or had a Hotmail account.
    2. If the e-mail actually was an e-mail or just a fabrication.
    3. If it was an e-mail, if it ever came from that account or was just spoofed.
    4. If the account was actually "hacked" or hijacked (open session authentication token/"cookie" or just left the office with his computer still logged on).

    This might be a slightly more "balanced" account:


    @ HYBR&#166;D:

    I guess he's another Sarah Palin type victim, those secret Question / Answers are just plain to easy to guess.
    Exactly! I always advise people to lie, it's just too easy to guess that my first pet was called Skippy

    More seriously though; this has happened after Palin and the US Embassy e-mail leaks. If these guys really were that crooked, don't you think they would have paid heed to those examples?

    Also, the objective of a CYA memorandum is to implicate the recipient whilst exonerating yourself. That doesn't work once you get so far up the tree............all you can do is resign and maybe blow the whistle? I guess that makes me suspicious of the authenticity of this document.......it's a bit too "Nigerian"

    Also, why "hotmail" when there are free Zambian e-mail accounts to be had such as "myaccount"@zambia.co.zm

    Wouldn't you pick one run by political sympathisers if you didn't have an official party owned provider?

    And again, what about encryption?............would you send anything like that unencrypted?.....it is certainly "eyes only" material.
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    Funny. Luckily that i have not a hotmail....
    keylogger for mac

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    This is not about the service provider, it is about how the service is used by its subscribers.

    The basic principles apply to pretty much any password protected subscription account.

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    it was such a strange case in our routine .But it's funny

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    Don't you think it a strange, Zambian politican is using hotmail free service.

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