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    Fedora Chrome Browser double posting.


    On my fuduntu install, the chrome browser has a weird issue, when ever i start a new topic, or even make a reply to a topic etc it seems to want double post when ever i hit the submit button.

    It doesn't matter what website im viewing at the time, it will without fail duplicate the submitted content.

    happens on different forum software. IPB, VB, PhpBB3 etc.

    The distro i'm using is a combination of Fedora & Ubuntu, i am curious to know if any other members running a *nix box whom happen to use the Chromium webbrowser happen to suffer the same symptoms?
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    Hmm no-one?

    anyhow i went to Administration -> Add/Remove Software & Un-installed chromium, i then rebooted the system, re-logged back in and proceded to Re-Install the browser.

    But after testing on a few regular site's i visit it appears the symptoms are still happening.

    The browser was working fine, then the other night it was updated via Software Updates, and it's been acting weird since then.

    The issue does not happen when i use FF 3.6.18 & i even downloaded Opera and it also worked fine.

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    I've run chrome in debian. No such issues to my knowledge.

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    Cheers metguru.

    I'm going to just manually delete the chrome profile folder & contents, then re-try an installation.

    Heard that may help???

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    Does it duplicate the text within the same post, or create two posts?

    What I am wondering is are you the only person who is seeing this, or are the posts actually getting recorded on the target forum?

    If they are actually appearing on the forum, how come I don't see either a deleted post or edited post record?

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    You should be able to see a few of the Soft deleted duplicate post's on my posting history.

    For example.

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