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    Install Lexmark X5650 under Slackware 13.0, share it on the network

    Hey AO,

    I have a Lexmark X5650 I want to install on my Slackware 13 desktop server, and I would like to share it on the network. I want to be able to print to it from any PC - the scanner can just scan to a folder on the Slackware box, and I can share the folder.

    The Slackware box is running SAMBA and I am able to share files/folders from the computer on my Windows SOHO network no problem.

    So, is there any way to make this happen? I tried installing the deb package and the rpm package from the Lexmark site, and both failed. So then I tried to install using the browser-based CUPS tool, but I couldn't find a PPD file on the web. I tried to use the existing one that most closely matched (x73), but no dice.

    I love Slackware for its out-of-the-box server capabilities, but it's a huge pita do set something up as simple as an all-in-one.

    Any help out there?
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    rumour has it that Lexmark asn't actually heard of Linux / BSD et al

    silly question, but if you have a windows box, share it from there instead?
    NOT the answer looked for I am certain
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    You can use almost *ANY* PCL driver for that machine. We even used HP drivers to run Lexmark MFDs on an OpenVMS cluster.
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