I know nobody will tell me on here on the board, but I was wondering how or what program to use to reset a password on a ASUS EEE PC 4G 700 Series. PM me if need be.

It's got a custom Linux - not sure what distro it's based on.

I have used a Hiren's disk with the usual tools on the KB Tool (won't use it's name as I don't want ppl to miss use it), but it just resets and returns to Hiren's menu.

I can reset the device, but I am not sure if the user wants his password reset. As his son may have home work on the device. I am from the uk so here it is the school summer holidays a period of over 1 month and 2 weeks or there abouts.

Anyhow he can't reach the school technicans because they are gone, and he done it after they broke up. Hopefully he hasn't got home work on, and a reset will be possible.

If anyone wants to know how to boot or reset a Asus netbook it boots from a USB Device by using the esc key before the main OS boots. Also it's F9 to perform a factory reset.