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    I came across a Chinese Linux vendor called Linpus Technologies Inc. who are based in Taiwan, and have operations in Shanghai. The reason the reminded me of SUSE is they seem to have started with an emphasis on handling natural Chinese language as SUSE did with German.

    You can read about them here:


    Although their distro is the official Linux of the Taiwanese government, they specialise in things like netbooks, tablet PCs, phones and the like. Acer use their distro on their tablets and netbooks.

    The download is 421MB for the .iso but takes a while because it is on a slow server (180KBps).

    I have just burnt the ISO but haven't tried it yet.

    I thought that it might be interesting as I don't have a tablet or netbook, and it is supposed to run on an Intel X86 platform.

    There is a downloads section on the website.

    Just thought I would share for those who like playing without paying


    Almost forgot!...............I believe the underlying distro is Fedora.

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    Well, SUSE actually started out with College kids, who took Slackware, and made that into a German version of it, as they were all Germans.

    The reason the first version of SUSE was 4.2 instead of 1.0, is "The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy".

    Also, other than making a great German version of Slackware, they also made Hardware as well. I've only seen pictures but I'd LOVE to have some. After a while, the guys there decided they wanted to make something other than a Translation of Slackware to German, and also, they wanted to make something that had REAL tools. SUSE is one of the oldest versions of Linux still around. Slackware and Debian are old, but most people seem to not know that SUSE has been around for a VERY long time.

    They started working on something more their own after a while, and went with RPMs, but, they were one of the few that actually let you use basically anything; SuSE Linux 8.1 - I don't know now, all have tools for everything from installing from RPMs, .deb, .tgz, and so on, from Slackware, and more.

    Anyway, Just wanted to pop in. Not sure why, but I've been awake at this point for 31 hours straight, and I'm just now getting my second can of Monster in. First one was like 3 hours ago.

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