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    Smile Lurker Opening Up

    Hi All,
    I've been on and off this site for a few years but this is my first post. I've read many of the tutorials and messages though. I am CISSP certified and work with a variety of network and security equipment. I'd like to learn more Linux and Mac OS stuff (I am primarily a Windows user and fumble my way around other operating systems). I'd also like to learn about pen testing and work toward getting the CEH. I know many people don't put much stock in certifications but they have proved to be good entry points for me from which I can then deep dive off of. Besides, they keep me employed

    Hope to build up some good conversations around these topics.


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    Holy lurker Batman...

    So what took you so long to Introduce yourself bud?

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    Hi cinanibor, and welcome to AO!

    Don't worry about the antipodean colonial, he is a mate of mine

    I lurked for about 18 months before I joined and I never posted in Roll Call..........

    Please enjoy your stay.

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    Welcome and continue to visit. A bit of the limelight is good.

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    Thanks, all. I'm already finding useful bits of information and all from other's posts. I hope that I can contribute something back to the community.

    Hybr|d: It took so long cuz I'm used to keeping a low profile. Most ppl don't understand what I do.

    Nihil: I certainly intend on sticking around. I'm actually a bit surprised the activity on the boards seems a bit low considering the current state of affairs...all the recent security violations and such.

    ua549: not much for the limelight. Just want to learn to be a jedi security ninja <grin>

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