Ok, through a vodka induced 'slowness' I've decided this was the proper spot for this question.
I've started to learn PYTHON, at a very beginner stage, this is a completely self taught effort and I will be coming here alot for questions.

this is where I am:
Complex numbers are always represented as two floating point numbers, the real and imaginary part. To extract these parts from a complex number z, use z.real and z.imag.
>>> a=1.5+0.5j
>>> a.real
>>> a.imag
and I have to admit, Im so befuddled by this that Im not even sure of my exact question
Really what I need is a complete breakdown of this whole component, if anyone is up for it.
the .real command (is it considered a command or something else?) and the .imag 'command'.

Any and all input is welcome here, as one's two cents might make perfect sense, and anothers
might make just as much sense but the two together might make a

And WTF is meant by 'floating point numbers'?

thanx all