It's been some years now, but I decided to go back and start looking around at places I once went pretty frequently. I first joined AO in 2001, and it was also back then the I would go to UGN ( to find stuff to read up on. I also started to go on CastleCops to keep up with the discussions, especially those pertaining to HijackThis. Nowadays, UGN seems to have been let go quite a bit. I've tried to get to some of the old stuff such as Phrack issues (I used to have all of them), as well as some of the utilities (I also used to have IP Tools, which served me well for some time). On the site's last update on this (back in January of this year), the old KBase has been under some construction. I do look forward to getting some of that old stuff again. I was also saddened to see CastleCops go. Even AO has obviously seen it's share of changes, as well as good people come and go. I do recognize some of the names still posting that I first saw years ago. I guess it's going to be hard at times to deal with, but I plan to start getting back to where I left off. At one time, I had collected a bunch of tutorials, programs, and zines pertaining to hacking, virii, and security in general. Guess it's time to get started again.