Ok, so I have this idea to create a private and secure webserver, however I'm not the best at securing apache. I came up with this idea, since I'm the only one (and maybe a few other people that I know personally) that's going to be using it, and I want to be able to access it from anywhere with an internet connection. So I came up with this idea that the webserver ignores any connections including pings, so it looks like a computer that's turned off. However when you ping it X times with no reply, then wait a minute (or another specified amount of time) then you can type the IP in your browser and it will serve you a web page for X hours before removing your IP from it's white-list. I was just thinking how easy it is to crack and exploit something that is online, regardless of how up to date it is, and well this has no password to crack, but rather a procedure of things to do that allow your computer to connect. In my opinion, this would add a huge level of security to those that haven't been told how to correctly connect to your server. I realize that this would probably require a reprogramming of the ping command, but it would be custom security, which I think would be pretty cool. Any thoughts?