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    SAP.. Why do you have to be so weird?

    So we recently got rid of our expensive as *pick your expletive* (Seriously overpriced) contract ABAP developer because they were taking way too long to develop anything. My boss actually learned ABAP and did in two weeks what it took our so called "Professional" developer months to do.

    Recently, I have been tasked with learning ABAP and doing the work for fractions of whatever we paid the contract dev.

    I personally hate SAP and find it a way overpriced POS that is ridiculously complex and their naming conventions suck... But... It does have a lot to offer and you can make a good living doing ABAP coding and I'm sure that once I get into it, I will hate it less. I guarantee nothing tho.

    I'm just kinda curious if anyone else here has any experience or words of wisdom to share about SAP. Or we could all just hate on it together. Because thats all i feel currently..
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