So again, I really hope this is the appropriate spot for this post - that is often the hardest part about posting

So Im in a real financial bind and have been brainstorming on how to better my situation, and which knowledge I have to do so. HTML, CSS and JavaScript are my most thorough abilities, I've been learning Python but mostly concentrating on re-learning the JavaScript I knew years ago and haven't used in awhile.

My idea is this: I live in a college town and the students are coming back real soon. Like most college towns there are alot of Sub shops and pizza joints. These places can get backed up with business and rather hectic at times so I was thinking that I could help them a bit.
Im thinking of passsing out some flyers and soliciting some business to build a one page web presence form for orders. The hungry customer can hop on the web quick, put in their order, what time they want to pick it up and the form shows them the amount and, best case scenario, the order is waiting for them when they arrive, cutting down on wait time and in-store congestion.
The beauty of it, as far as I can see, is its a simple matter of HTML, CSS, and JS. Its one page, its simple. The business would simply have to have a computer on site opened to a page with an alert system for incoming orders.
I know I will have to put some PHP in there too. I don't know much PHP - yet - but it can't be that complex of a script.

I was wondering about the alert system for the business computer and if anyone had any ideas how that should be set up.
Actually if anyone had any ideas at all about this project I would really appreciate any input. I also have no idea about the fee set up. Should I charge a one time fee or should I set up the program (alterable for different situations) and charge a monthly subscription fee, maintenence included?

Looking forward to new ideas and new knowledge ...