Write a Droid and iPhone app. Distribute it through the Campus store. Charge local mom - n - pop businesses for enrollment in your app

Sort of like the 70's yellow pages.

Should only take 100,000k in cash + the purchase of local politicians and the college board of trusties. SIMPLE
If you look at googel's marketing for their paid for ads...you offer the same service, add 10% for setting it up, keep records, wash your hands of it, profit...let them deal with googel's renewal charge every month.
Ha, I mis-stated when I said it was a college town, I should have said it was a college village, everyplace is within walking distance of everyplace else; and there's not that many places.

"wanna be number one on the largest search engine on the planet? look at this?"...most people have no clue...
Yeah, Im one that does have a clue - takes more than massive link affiliation to get to the top here.