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Thread: WTF popups?

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    WTF popups?


    I keep getting bombarded with PopUp advertisements.....

    it's only happening when i come to AO, i'm running a clean installation of win7 x64

    and a clean install of firefox 6.

    Anyhow could we please get this issue sorted out as soon as possible.
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    If it is a survey, it will go away in a few days after x amount of surveys are completed.
    If you accept 3rd party cookies and do not remove them, you should only see it once (so I am told).
    This popup is on all Internet.com IT related sites.

    Steve and I were as surprised about this as everyone else was (except management).

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    Each time i either refresh the page, or attempt to navigate around the site i'm still recieving it.

    I'm just going to spam there questionaire. @ i encourage everyone else to do the same..

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    Annoy them like they're annoying us.

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    Im sure you can get a pop-up blocker? :P
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    Clicking the NEVER button worked for me.

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    FireFox 6.0 is blocking them. At the moment I am going to leave it at that, as I may want to see the message somewhere else, and have the opportunity to specifically allow popups on that site?

    Otherwise you can tell FF not to show the message and it will silently block them?

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