This is a ****ing Nightmare... My Wife was using Her Computer earlier, and was simply playing a game. She said that a Windows Update popped up in the bottom right corner of the screen as it has a million times before, and that two minutes later, the machine's Screen went Blue.

I thought BSOD, but She said this one was different. She said that it was a very short Hex Code compared to normal, without info, and then, once rebooted, it started up like normal, and then, when it got passed the Motherboard's screen to get to BIOS and so on, it shows a Black Screen that says "Windows is loading Files" and then you get to the Recovery screen.

You can't apparently get to a Desktop no matter what, and it says it's trying to fix the Computer, but it can't. It just does this over and over and over again. No matter how many things I've tried, it's the SAME thing, and it's seriously driving me crazy at this point.

Normally I'd just say **** it and reinstall Windows fresh and be done with it, however, there is stuff on that Hard Drive we CAN'T lose.

My Wife had gotten some VERY important Data on the Computer, and because of everything that has been going on, we couldn't make a back up yet. So, there is VERY important Data on the drive we need to get to, or somehow get the Data onto my FTP Server, or another External HD, anything, so that the OS can be reinstalled finally.

I've been googling and reading for HOURS at this point, and I've found plenty of posts from others about this issue, and yet to find something that will work.

That is one of the hundreds of forums I've found with people who've had this problem.

If I look at the little "log" when it fails to repair Windows, it was saying "StartUpRepairOffline " and basically, if you put the Windows 7 Recovery CD the Computer came with in and boot from that, I can't seem to do anything except load the same Recovery Console that loads when you reboot the machine anyway.

When you press the Power Button to turn it on, it will start up, and once you get passed the spot where you can go into BIOS, where normally it would start loading Windows, it instead says that Windows is loading Files, then you see the screen of Windows loading, and it drops you straight to a Recovery Console.

I've tried Restore Points. So far, 14 times. The Restore does NOT work, and even though it says "All System Files have been reverted back to the way they were on this date" once I reboot, it goes RIGHT back to that ****ing Recovery Console.

I'm currently looking for a Bootable CD I can burn that will let me make an Archive of everything on the Hard Drive, and then, use an FTP Client that will let me upload everything to another machine so I'll at least have the Data needed. There's a LOT of Data we need off that machine, and so basically I have to figure out a way to do that.

My Wife was also thinking of trying to find a Bootable CD that would shrink the Hard Drive's Partitions, make a new one, move the Data to that, and then Reinstall Windows 7, and then grab everything from the Partition, but I'm thinking if there's a Rescue CD, or something, that will let me make an Archive of all the Data I need, and then, have an FTP Client, I can just boot from the CD, make the archives, and upload them over FTP to my Server, and then reinstall Windows, and once that's done, grab everything.

God this is a Nightmare...... Has ANYONE ever seen this fixed before? I found one web site for Windows 7 that said to open the Command Prompt, make some back ups of the Registry, and then copy them over and that would work, but once I did it, it just continued doing this.

So that didn't work at all. Using Windows Restore, doesn't work either.

The thing that's REALLY pissing me off other than how this seems almost impossible to fix, is that every time I see someone talking about it, and that they are having the same problem, they all say it started after a Windows Update Popped up on the bottom right of the screen.

I also saw a few people say that it's actually caused by something from that update. I don't have a link or any form of knowing if that's accurate, but it seems that EVERY forum I've looked though for answers says that it starts from this Windows Update. If so, I can't understand how Microsoft would fix this. You can't use FTP from the Command Prompt or Id' have uploaded everything by now, and there seems to be no Network connection with the Command Prompt, so other than bootable CDs with a patch, I don't even know how they would fix this.

Anyway, like I said, the message says "StartUpRepairOffline" and if you google that, you'll get a BUNCH of results, mostly from forums, and you'll see a BUNCH of people saying "Try this" and "Well if that didn't work, try this" and you'll see the person who made the thread replying over and over again that none of it works.

I'd seriously appreciate if anyone knows how to fix this problem.... As I said, there is some VERY important stuff on that drive, so I have to somehow get the Data, and just wow is this driving me crazy.

So far I haven't found a way to fix it, so also, if you know of any good Bootable CDs that have a way to read the NTFS Partitions on the machine, and would allow me to make an Archive of the Data on it, and ALSO contain an FTP Client I could use to upload everything, that would help some too.