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Thread: Windows 7 Won't boot

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    You have had 10 years to get used to Windows XP............and support stops January 2014.

    Windows 8 will be released by then, so you might try get on the beta testing programme ............... a good way to learn IMO. I did beta testing for Windows 7.

    Everyone I know that has moved from XP to Windows 7 likes Windows 7 and doesn't want to go back. That was certainly NOT the case with Vista!

    I think that the only reason to stick with XP would be if you have legacy support issues or you are running on very old equipment.

    I have Windows 7 64bit running on a laptop with 3GB of DDR2/800 RAM, onboard graphics, and a 2.1GHz dual core processor, and it runs just fine. I have worked on a couple of similar boxes and the experience was equally impressive. Damn thing is so good my wife has confiscated it, and she is an XP user at work.

    On the other hand, I have Vista 32bit running on a 2.17GHz single core with 1.5GB of DDR1/400 & 333MHz RAM [Via VT400 chipset? it takes 400 in slot 0 and 333 in the other two] and a dedicated ATI graphics card with 256MB of DDR2 RAM. It pretty much runs like a dog, even with all the eye candy, bells, and whistles turned off.

    XP runs far better on machines of a lesser specification it would seem, although I haven't tried Windows 7 on a single core setup.............yet.

    I also don't believe that XP properly recognises and uses multicore processors in general computer use. Sure games, CAD, and graphics packages will do it, as they usually take over from the OS.

    If you think about it, XP is a 2001 OS and IIRC multicores didn't hit the streets 'til 2003, and then only in servers. You didn't really see them in quantity until late 2005/early 2006 when Vista was due out.

    I know that AMD have a program that is supposed to improve XP's performance with their multicores, and that Microsoft have one for Intel platforms. I would say that both of these are frigs rather than fixes.

    I did read a little while ago that Microsoft had announced Windows 7 TPC ("Thin PC") edition, which is supposed to let businesses continue with older hardware, amongst other things, like promoting Office 365?


    I would guess that they will do the same for Windows 8, which I don't expect to be any more demanding from a hardware viewpoint, or complexity of the UI.

    PS. Why am I getting this distinct aroma of SPAM??????????? and USA is USA, not usa, unless you would like me to spell china like that?
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