Ok, here's one: I've been having trouble getting my landlord to do repairs so have been holding the rent is escrow for months. Since this is the legal standard there is nothing he can do, and he's too stupid/stubborn to actually do the repairs so he does little petty inmature stuff like go into the basement and disconnect my internet and cable, saying "my courtesy entertainment has come to an end". I couldn't care less about the cable, TV is trash; but my internet, those are fighting words ... I just tether my laptop to my droid.

Here's the issue: I hate google. I've been using Scroogle for years. I like my privacy, though I do nothing illegal while online Im sure I frequent some sites that are bound to be blacklisted if that bill goes through.
Androids are google operated phones. The app I use is a third party, PDAnet, to tether.

By tethering through my Droid am I forgoing all the privacy I seek through avoiding the google site and using the occasional proxy? At first glance this seems like a cut and dried 'yes'. but PDAnet is a third party app.

I try to visualize the flow of information through my devices and servers etc. If this third party app is irrelevant to google's trespasses is there anything I can do to re-harness my privacy? I love PDAnet, its fast and stable, and since I live in a college town I don't have to deal with the broadband lags that often happen in the evenings.

So in summary: By tethering through my droid, am I forgoing all the privacy precautions I've attempted to bridle in the past?
And, if yes, is there anything I can do about it and still tether through my Droid?