So our mail server got moved offsite, and was upgraded to Exchange 2010 sp1.
Ever since then, we've had issues with the new throttling policy.
Basically, when outlook 2003 is used, exchange 2010 has the tendency to block connections after a certain number of attempts, to avoid a DOS.

We've had the people running the server contact microsoft, and they helped develop a new throttling policy for our 2003 users. However, they advised to only apply it to the users experiencing the issue.

Problem is, once a user is 'blocked' by the policy, applying the new policy doesn't allow them to connect. It eventually works, I'm assuming after a timeout period.

My question is, is there a way to unblock, or reset the user on the server side so they can reconnect without waiting hours? The Admin there seems to think that its all on the client side, I disagree. The latest user affected by this is still unable to connect even after upgrading to 2010. It tries to connect, then goes to a disconnected status right away. The Admin does see the connections being blocked on the server logs due to the throttling policy.

I can go through and re enter the server and user's mailbox name, and it all resolves, so communication is working to the mail server from the affected users machine, it just will not allow them to connect....